How to add A record?

If you are using your own domain and you would like the domain to be pointed to our server or service, for example, Nextcloud cloud, then you will need to add an A record to your existing domain. Please note if you host a domain with us this step is not necessary. 

To add A record please follow these steps
Note: Steps can be different from provider to provider.

  1. Log into your Domain hosting provider control panel.
  2. Look for domains and DNS settings.
  3. Go to DNS records.
  4. Under create a new record, select A record.
  5. Enter the following details:
    Hostname: leave it empty to point the domain, or enter a subdomain.
    IP address: where you want to point to, for Nextcloud you will find your IP in the welcome email sent to you.
    TTL: optional. If you leave it empty, it will use the default time of 3600 seconds.
  6. Click Create record to save your settings.
  7. Once A record is created, please let us know so we can generate an SSL certificate.

If you are having troubles adding a record, please contact our support team and we will help you out.
Click here to contact our support. 


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