How long do domains take to propagate?


Domains can take up to 24 hours or in some cases up to 48 hours to propagate, but usually, they propagate within 1 hour, depending on your domain settings.

What is domain propagation? 
Domain propagation, also sometimes called DNS propagation, is the process of updating every server across the web with new information. 

When a website is moved to a new server (with a different IP address), or a new domain is registered, there is a change of IP address. Every DNS server in the world needs to update its record of what IP is associated with this domain. This is called propagation. In other words, propagation is the time it takes for the DNS (Domain Name System) to update globally following a change to DNS.

Changes to DNS records do not propagate throughout the Internet immediately, as all server caches first need to expire and refresh. 



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